Quick and Easy Valentine's Day Decorations

Friends, isn't Valentine's Day so fun? I mean once you get past those high pressure high school situations where you're stressed out as to whether or not you're going to get a balloon, or a carnation, or whatever item student council was selling before the day is over. ("Four for you Glen Coco, You GO Glen Coco! ....And none for Gretchen Weiners.") Valentine's Day is just fun and sweet and a great time to spread a little happy around.

I put up a few quick little decorations around the house to make things more festive for the holiday. They are easy and inexpensive so I thought I'd share them with you today...just in case you're in to that kind of thing.

I'm going to go ahead and give a little disclaimer for the photographers among us. The color in these photos is weird. That is all. Thank you.

The first little project I made was the tiny doily banner. I keep a little stash of small doilies to use for packaging and random projects. I love them because they are so dainty and sweet, so naturally they make perfect Valentine's Day decorations.

All you need are doilies and some twine or ribbon. I folded the doilies in half over my piece of twine and secured both sides together with a little piece of rolled up scotch tape. You could also use glue or a staple.

Make it as long or as short as you want. Easy peasy.

The second project was to add a little Valentine's Day love to my twinkle lights. Ford loves lights and like to point at them and talk about them, so it's fun to turn them into decorations for other holidays besides just Christmas.

I used a short string of white lights and a small book of Valentine's Day-themed scrapbook paper that I bought last year at Michael's, I think.

I made a heart template and traced it on to several different paper patterns and cut the hearts out. Mine are about 3 inches tall.

Next, I used a standard sized hold punch to cut a hole near the middle/top area of the heart.

Then, it's hard to see, but I took my scissors and cut 4 little small slits around the hole. That just gives a little bit of room for the light to slide through, but still remain snug.

Then just stick them on your lights! I put a heart on every third or fourth light.

That's all there is to it!

I think these would be sweet strung up in a child's room above their bed, too. Twinkle lights make everything look magical.

So there you have it...quick and easy Valentine's Day decorations that are sweet and simple.

I wish you all the carnations your heart desires this Valentine's day!

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