Our Valentines for Friends, Family, and Baby Buddies

As we prepare for Snowpocalyse 2.0 here in Middle Georgia, Ford and I have managed to sneak in a little bit more Valentine's Day crafting. Here are a few ideas for Valentines for family, friends, and the little people in your life. 

For family valentines, this year we kept it simple. Ford *loves* to color and so I gave him only red, pink, and purple crayons to color on blank card stock and let him go to town. Later, I traced and cut out hearts using the most "artistic" portions of his color sheets.  

I glued those cards onto some kraft paper stationary that I picked up at Micheal's and wrote a message inside. Easy as pie. These valentines are so simple, but I love that they reflect something about Ford and his age right now. 

Speaking of Fordycakes, right now he is OBSESSED with the itsy bitsy spider. He loves to sing the song and do the dance (in fact, he tries to commandeer mommy and me music class and just have us sing about the itsy bitsy spider) When we color, he wants us to draw spiders. He has a magna doodle and he constantly brings it to David and myself demanding "pider! pider!!" I don't want to brag, but we have gotten pretty good at our spider doodling skills. 

So, of course, we needed to have "pider" Valentines for our little baby buddies. 

I used these free printables from dandee and added bugs that we found at the dollar store. 

I think they are about as cute as bug Valentines could be, ya know.  

For my friends, I found a very easy, very cute tutorial at The Purl Bee for making these tiny valentine pins. The tutorial uses beautiful wool felt, but I just used what I had laying around which was this red felt left over from stocking making many Christmases ago. Anyway, I stitched them up at night while we watched Netflix and attached them to little slips of paper with a stamped message. 

"You are awesome!" My friends ARE awesome. And I think that funky handmade pins are rad. I hope they do, too. 

Friends, I hope that you have the happiest of Valentines. Maybe you can use some of these ideas for some last minute gifts- they are all so easy! For more Valentine's Day ideas you can check out my "Be Mine, Valentine" Pinterest Board.


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