Deck the Halls

I love Christmas Home Tours, don't you? We went on a Tour of Homes in Downtown Macon a few years ago. All of the houses were beautiful, there were yummy snacks, and we got to ride a trolley from one house to fun is that?

Well, there's no trolley, but I wanted to join The Nester's Christmas Tour of Homes this year. You can just imagine the trolley...go ahead and imagine some cocoa, too.

Okay, let's get started! Welcome and Merry Christmas!

Here's the outside of the house, decorated with garland and ornaments.

My Mama made all of the bows for me (She's an expert bow maker) and I added inexpensive ornaments to my garland to give it a little more interest.

Here's one of the HUGH wreaths on our HUGH windows.

Now, come on's too cold to be hanging around out there! We had snow flurries yesterday and today! Are we in for a White Christmas? Maybe.

Inside things are simple and bright.

These are stockings that we made in the Stocking Workshop, which was so much fun!

And here's our tree...She's a leaner, but I love her. Straighten up ol' girl! 12 more days until Christmas!

Happy presents under our tree...I love wrapping presents! I made this tree skirt from some extra felt left over from stocking making. (Please ignore those errant tree needles...homegirl is shedding.)

We use colored light on our tree. We also use collected mismatched ornaments intermingled amongst Martha Stewart Holiday ball ornaments. That's how we roll.

I think it's festive.

 Here are a few of my favorite collected ornaments:

The Rockets: Nana, Mama, and I went to see the Rockets last year at The Fox. It rocked my world.

Road Bikes: I have given David an ornament every year since we started dating. He says that this one is his favorite. I gave it to him the year he got his first real Road Bike.

Wedding Ornament: My aunt Loretta gave us this ornament for our first Christmas together. I love it. I have  been seriously considering using a brown sharpie to make the bride a brunette, though.

More twinkle lights and ornaments...

In the Kitchen, this little snowman was a gift from one of my best friends, who also loves Christmas as much as I do. He holds Hot Cocoa in the bottom, marshmallows in the middle, and peppermints in his hat. Frosty is hot cocoa station.

'Cause Hot Cocoa deserves a station.

Christmas China: Vietri Pallini Holiday.

I'm still enjoying my sweet little gumdrop wreath so much!

Here's a festive message on the mudroom chalkboard to greet us at the back door. 

And one my favorite Christmas decorations is a fresh wreath that David's mom sends us every year...they always smell so good!

That's it my friends, that's all of our decorations for this year. We're keeping it sweet and simple. The next few days will be filled with cookie baking, final Christmas shopping, bundling up for holiday parties, and trying to stay out of the cold.

May your days be merry and bright!

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  1. Very Pretty and very Merry!

  2. I adore your hot cocoa station (just the thought is making me drool) and I totally get you wanting to make the bride a brunette. I'd be thinking the same thing. LOL! :) Thanks for a wonderful tour of your beautiful home!
    Fuzzy Slippers Designs

  3. Beautiful decorations, beautiful home, thank you for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the tour...I so need to make one of those gumdrop wreaths...just too cute! I’m having a Christmas Open House on the 16th…would love to have you join in!


  5. beautiful Mel!! Your house is so gorgeous, as always. I LOVE your tree! :)

  6. so beautiful and festive! I love it!

  7. I love your decorations and your blog! I used to live near Macon, so seeing your house looks like a visit home to me!

  8. LOVE the gumdrop wreath!

  9. Merry Christmas!I enjoyed my visit to your blog. Wishing you happiness, Katherine
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway please stop by and enter :-)

  10. Great post :) love all the decorations!!

  11. Oh my word loving the gumball wreath!

    Super cute!


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