Project 52- Week 3

Week 3
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I've got to go back to my camera manual and tutorials so I can branch out from these shallow depth of field pictures. I'm addicted to Aperture Priority. I need a step down program.

My name is Melissa...
And I'm addicted to f/2.
I need help.

That's just a little camera humor for ya.

For all of my peeps that got fancy cameras for Christmas, PW has a great tutorial for how to achieve shallow depth of field (aka blurry background) pictures called "What the Heck is Aperture?" that I found very helpful. It's a four part series, so pour yourself a cup of coffee and read it'll be worth your time.


1 comment:

  1. seriously? I am rolling out of my chair right now.. you are hilarious.

    This little senario just played out in my head:
    Hi - my name is kate
    (welcome kate)
    I have an addition...
    I am additcted to short dept of field shots
    (gasps and head nods from "mini circle")
    I am adicted and I have a point and shoot camera - frown
    (more gasps)
    Who can hook me up with a fix?
    (audience member suggests - buy a freakin good camera)

    bababhaha I needed this today! Thank Melissa - as always


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