To TV, With Love

Farewell, dear friend, we bid you adieu.
You've served our family well.
But the time has come, to make a change
So you we must now sell.

But sell we won't, because sell we can't!
You see, you are quite dated.
No one seems to want a T.V.
That is so antiquated.

We hate to put you out on the streets
And we know, that to you, we must seem vain...
We know you've seen that slender gal
that's taken over your Reign.

Let me explain to you dear T.V.
that it's not entirely our fault.
Our eyes are weaker every year
And your captions are so painfully small.

I've been willing to scoot the couch closer!
Willing to meet you half way!
We've done our part to keep you
...To let you live another day!

But T.V. when we saw the new gal,
She was a gift out of the blue.
She was so tall and lovely...
Her picture, so clear and true!

We couldn't turn out heads away!
Her sound was like the Siren's Song!
She's won us over, old friend,
And now to you, we must say, "So long."

So here's to all the good times!
To Bauer, Stabler, and Micheal Scott!
And please know that I'm going to miss your bulging back side...
It reminds me of mine,
A lot.

Goodbye Forever.


  1. All I am going to say is.... BAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  2. ahhhh poor faithful tv.....i think it is needed in another room

  3. Awww.... what a precious post!! I love it!! :)

  4. This my friend is hysterical. Bahh haa haa!


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