Get Your Grow On, Part 2

Hey there friends.

You didn't know this was going to be a series, did you? Boo-yah.

We're about to head out the to root on the Mercer Bears against Belmont in the A Sun Tournament Semi-Finals. (Go Bears!!) But before we do, I wanted to show you the little addition to our backyard this year. This past summer I blogged about how we built our raised vegetable bed and what we grew in it. With that success under our belt, this year we are expanding to 3 raised vegetable beds...all the better to grow with, my dears.

We already have one built and planted with a cold weather crop...spring onions and red potatoes.

Here's what we did, in case you're interested. First we built the raised beds, loosely using these instructions and some recycled lumber that we happen to have laying around. Next we lined the bed with garden plastic to keep the weeds out. You could also use newspaper for this step. Or you could skip the weed barrier entirely and fight the weeds face to face like a real man.

Then we filled up the bed with a gazillion bags of topsoil.

Followed by a few bags of Black Kow (manure. yuck.) to enrich the soil.

Then we sprinkled the dirt with a heavy dose of slow release fertilizer, like Osmocote.

Then we mixed it up a bit a shovel and called it good enough.

When we had the raised bed finished, we planted some 'taters.

And some Un-yuns.

We put a little fence around our bed to keep the locals out.

This guy has a record.

Grow in Peace.


  1. This looks like a BLAST! I can't wait to have my own herb garden and veggies out back! I'll be coming to you for garden wisdom. Love ya!

  2. I like that you use the Georgia spelling of taters & un-yuns!!! Have you tried maters!!!

    Don Rushing


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