How to Make Ruffled Streamers

Hi friends. I helped decorate for an event during Mercer University's Homecoming festivities (Go Bears!). Part of the event was a make shift version of the ever-popular always-fun photo booth. With little time and a small budget, I opted to just hang some streamers for a backdrop. Streamers on their own are a little boring and remind me of birthday parties at Pizza Hut, which were fun as 10 year olds, but we can certainly do a little better for our grown up parties, right? So use this simple trick to turn inexpensive streamers into cool custom party decorations. 

All you need to do is make a few adjustments to your sewing machine settings. Set your bobbin tension to the highest/tightest setting (mine was 9). Then set your stitch length to the longest stitch (mine was 4). 

Now all you have to do is overlap the streamers by a half inch or so and run them through the machine. The streamers will ruffle automatically- no pulling threads and no ruffler foot required! Remember to backstitch at the beginning and end so the thread will not come out.

I mostly used two streamers at a time but you can add a third one on top and have it run down the middle of the two that overlap. Obviously, these are done in our school colors, but streamers come in so many colors and patterns that you could come up with lots of fun combinations for any event or holiday.

And take a look at these cuties in front of the finished product. I used my streamers for the photo booth they would make great garlands for Christmas or just use them to string from the ceiling for birthdays. 

One final word of advice: Don't forget to change your machine settings back to normal or you will rue the day you decided to ruffle streamers. And you probably want to change your needle after this little project because sewing though paper will dull it quickly.

Go forth and ruffle.

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